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Question #1:

Who invented Bitcoins?

Question #2:

When were Bitcoins first introduced?

Question #3:

How many Bitcoins is 1 Satoshi?

Question #4:

With which number does every address start?

Question #5:

What is the maximum possible number of Bitcoins?

Question #6:

All Bitcoins will be mined in year?

Question #7:

How much was the first Bitcoin purchase?

Question #8:

Whose face is on Bitcoin paper money?

Question #9:

URL of the biggest trading market for Bitcoins?

Question #10:

Highest recorded price for 1 Bitcoin in USD?

Question #11:

Current fee per kilobyte for non-priority transactions

Question #12:

What is the block size limit?

Question #13:

What is the English text on a Bitcoin coin?

Question #14:

Where was the worlds first Bitcoin conference held?

Question #15:

What was the first restaurant that accepted Bitcoins?