You heard about cryptocurrencies like the mysterious "Bitcoins" but you have no idea what that actually is? Let's summarize some facts about crypto currencies with the example of Bitcoins since those are the most popular. In the end they all work the same. First of all, please watch this video:

As we learned, Bitcoins are an online currency that can be used to purchase things or services. It's decentral which means you can just set up an "account" and don't need a 3rd party to make any transactions with it. You can have as many accounts and account numbers (Bitcoins addresses) as you want. The first thing to do to start with Bitcoins is to set up a wallet (each crypto currency requires it's own special wallet) to get one of these addresses which allow you to recieve payments or to withdraw coins to another address. There are plenty of options for you. Most people prefer to store their coins on their own computer. That's why they download a free and open source wallet to their harddrive from which they organize their Bitcoin addresses